Cook Islands
1892 - 1963
A Simplified Listing


23 May 2023

Cook Islands - The Cook Islands is located in the South Pacific Ocean and comprises 15 islands, of which Rarotonga is the most-populated island of the group
Stamps consecutively numbered
Stamps of the Cook Islands were overprinted or inscribed "Rarotonga" between 1919 and 1932
1892   Federation Series: First Stamps of the British Protectorate Period

   1d.  Black
1½d.  Mauve
2½d.  Blue
 10d.  Carmine

1893   Pictorial Series: White Tern "Torea" & Queen Makea Takau

 ½d.  Deep Blue
 ½d.  Yellow-Green
 ½d.  Surcharge on 1d. Blue
  1d.  Deep Brown/ cream
  1d.  Blue
  1d.  Rose-Pink
 ½d.  Deep Mauve
   2d.  Deep Brown
2½d.  Deep Rose
2½d.  Deep Blue
   5d.  Olive-Black 6d. Bright Purple
 10d.  Green
    1s.  Deep Carmine
1901   Queen Makea Takau "Crown" Overprint: Transfer of the Cook Islands from British Crown Control to New Zealand

1d.  Brown

1919   New Zealand KGV Stamps Overprinted "Rarotonga": Value is in the Local Language

  ½d.  Green
   1d.  Carmine
1½d.  Orange-Brown
  2d.  Yellow
2½d.  Blue
   3d.  Chocolate
   4d.  Bright Violet
  ½d.  Deep Green
   6d.  Carmine
7½d.  Red-Brown
   9d.  Sage-Green
   1s.  Vermillion
1920   Pictorial Series inscribed "Rarotonga"

  ½d.  Capt. Cook Landing
   1d.  Wharf at Avarua
2½d.  Chief Te Po
   4d.  Rarotonga Harbour

1921   NZ Postal Fiscal Stamps Overprinted "Rarotonga": Queen Victoria

      2s.  Deep Blue
2s6d.  Grey-Brown
     5s.  Yellow-Green
   10s.  Maroon
     £1.  Rose-Carmine
1925   Pictorial Series inscribed "Rarotonga"

   ½d.  Capt. Cook Landing
   1d.  Wharf at Avarua
2½d.  Chief Te Po
   4d.  Rarotonga Harbour

1926   NZ "Admiral" Stamps Overprinted "RAROTONGA": King George V

2s.  Deep Blue
3s.  Pale Mauve

1931   Surcharged "Two Pence"

2d. on 1½d.  Captain Cook
1931   NZ "Arms" Postal Fiscals Overprinted "RAROTONGA"

2s6d.  Deep Brown
     5s.  Green
   10s.  Carmine-Lake
     £1.  Pink
1933   New Pictorials Inscribed Cook Islands: Island Scenes

   ½d.  Capt. Cook Landing
   1d.  Captain Cook
   2d.  Double Maori Canoe
2½d.  Natives Working Cargo
   4d.  Port of Avarua
   6d.  R.M.S. Monowai
   1s.  King George V
1935   Silver Jubilee of King George V Overprint: 1933 Pictorials with Changed Colours

    1d.  Captain Cook
2½d.  Natives Working Cargo
   6d.  R.M.S. Monowai
1936   NZ Admiral Stamps Overprinted "COOK ISLANDS."

2s.  Light Blue
3s.  Pale Mauve
1937   Coronation Overprint

    1d.  Carmine
2½d.  Prussian Blue
   6d.  Red-Orange
1938   Pictorials: Additional Values

1s.  King George V
2s.  Native Village
3s.  Native Canoe

1940   3d. Surcharge

3d. on 1½d.  Tropical Landscape  
1943   NZ "Arms" Stamps Overprinted "COOK ISLANDS"

2s6p.  Dull Brown
     5s.  Green
   10s.  Pale Carmine-Lake
     £1.  Pink
1946   NZ Peace Stamps Overprinted "COOK ISLANDS"

1d.  KGVI & Parliament House
2d.  The Royal Family
6d.  NZ Coat of Arms, Foundry & Farm
8d.  St. George Memorial  
1949   Pictorials: Island Scenes

½d.  Ngatangila Channel, Rarotonga
 1d.  Capt. Cook & Map of Harvey Islands
 2d.  Rarotonga & Rev. John Williams
 3d.  Aitutaki & Palm Trees
 5d.  Rarotonga Airfield
 6d.  Penrhyn Village
 8d.  Native Hut
 1s.  Map & Statue of Capt. Cook
 2s.  Native Hut & Palms
 3s.  Inter-Island Freighter Matua
1953   Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

3d.  Brown
6d.  Slate-Grey
1960   Pictorial Surcharge

1s6d.  on 5d.  Rarotonga Airfield 
1963   New Pictorials: Replaces the 1949 Pictorials

    1d.  Tiare Maori
    2d.  Fishing God
    3d.  Frangipani
    5d.  White Tern
    6d.  Hibiscus
    8d.  Long-Tailed Tuna
    1s.  Oranges
1s6d.  Queen Elizabeth II 2s. Island Scene
     3s.  Administration Centre
     5s.  Rarotonga
1965   Solar Eclipse Observation

6d.  Eclipse & Palm
16 September 1965   Cook Islands was granted Self Government