Penrhyn Island
1902 - 1932
A Simplified Listing


25 May 2023

Penrhyn - is an atoll in the northern group of the Cook Islands in the South Pacific Ocean
Stamps consecutively numbered
Cook Island Stamps were used on Penrhyn Island from late 1901 until May 1902
1902   New Zealand Pictorial Views Stamps: Overprinted " PENRHYN ISLAND." & "Value"

2½d.  Lake Wakatipu & Mount Earnslaw
  ½d.  Mount Cook
   1d.  'Zealandia' 
1903   New Zealand New Zealand Birds Stamps: Overprinted "PENRHYN / ISLAND." & "Value"
3d.  Huia
6d.  Kiwi 
 1s.  Kea & Kaka

1914   New Zealand King Edward VII Stamps: Overprinted "PENRHYN / ISLAND." & "Value"

½d.  Yellow-Green KEVII
 6d.  Carmine KEVII
  1s.  Vermilion KEVII 
1917   New Zealand King George V Stamps: Overprinted "PENRHYN / ISLAND."

2½d.  Blue KGV
   3d.  Chocolate KGV
   6d.  Carmine KGV
   1s.  Vermilion KGV
  ½d.  Green KGV
1½d.  Slate KGV
1½d.  Orange-Brown KGV
   3d.  Chocolate KGV

1920   New Pictorial Views: Inscribed ""PENRHYN"

   ½d.  Captain Cook Landing
   1d.  Wharf at Avarua
1½d.  Captain Cook
   3d.  Palm Tree
   6d.  Huts at Arorangi
    1s.  Avarua Harbour
1927   New Pictorial Views: Additional Value, inscribed ""PENRHYN"

2½d.  'Te Po', Rarotongan Chief

Cook Island Stamps again replaced those of Penrhyn Island on 15 March 1932