1940 - 1970
A Simplified Listing


22 May 2023

Pitcairn Islands - A group of four volcanic islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean
Stamps consecutively numbered
From 1927 to 1940, New Zealand Stamps were used and handstruck on the Island with a "Pitcairn Island/NZ Postal Agency" Cancellation. View
1940   First Definitive Series: King George VI

  ½d.  Oranges
   1d.  Christian on Bounty
1½d.  John Adams & his House
   2d.  Lt. Bligh & Bounty
   3d.  Map of Pitcairn Islands
   4d.  Bounty Bible
   6d.  HM Armed Vessel Bounty
   8d.  School, 1949
    1s.  Christian & Pitcairn Island
2s6d.  Christian & Crew

1946   Victory Issue: Houses of Parliament, London

2d.  Brown
3d.  Blue

1949   Royal Silver Wedding: King George VI & Queen Elizabeth

1½d.  Scarlet
 10s.  Mauve
1949   75th Anniversary of Universal Postal Union

2½d.  Hermes & Globe
   3d.  Globes & Transport
   6d.  Hermes on Globe
    1s.  U.P.U. Monument, Berne

1953   Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

4d.  Black & Deep Bluish Green

1957   Second Definitive Series: Queen Elizabeth II

   ½d.  Cordyline terminalis (Ti)
    1d.  Pitcairn Island Map
    2d.  John Adams & Bounty Bible
 2½d.  Handicrafts: Bird Model
    3d.  Bounty Bay
    4d.  Pitcairn School
    4d.  School Teaches House
    6d.  Pacific Island Map
    8d.  Island Scene
    1s.  Handicrafts: Ship Model
    2s.  Island Wheelbarrow
2s6d.  Launching New Whaleboat

1961   Centenary of the Return of Pitcairn Islanders from Norfolk Island

3d.  Pitcairn Is. & Simon Young
6d.  Maps of Norfolk & Pitcairn Is.
 1s.  Brigantine Mary Ann

1963   Freedom for Hunger

2s6d.  Protein Foods

1963   QE II Definitive: Reissued Value

½d.  Cordyline terminalis (Ti)

1963   Red Cross Centenary: Red Cross Emblem

    2d.  Red & Black
2s6d.  Red & Blue

1964   Third QEII Definitive Series: Pitcairn History & Birds of Pitcairn (Local Names in Brackets)

  ½d.  Pitcairn Island Longboat
   1d.  The Bounty
   2d.  Out from Bounty Bay
   3d.  Great Frigate Bird (Frigate Bird)
   4d.  White Tern (Fairy Tern)
   6d.  Pitcairn Warbler (Pitcairn Sparrow)
   8d.  Red-Footed Booby (Austin Bird)
 10d.  Red-Tailed Tropic Birds (Bosun Birds)
    1s.  Henderson Island Crake (Chicken Bird)
1s6d.  Stephen's Lory (Red Brest)
2s6d.  Murphy's Petrel (Ghost Bird)
     4s.  Henderson Island Fruit Dove (Wood Pigeon)
     8s.  Queen Elizabeth II

1965   Centenary of the International Telecommunications Union: I.T.U. Symbol

     1d.  Mauve & Orange-Brown
2s6d.  Turquoise-Green & Bright Blue

1965   International Co-Operation Year: I.C.Y. Emblem

     1d.  Reddish Purple & Turquoise-Green
2s6d.  Deep Bluish Green & Lavender

1966   Sir Winston Churchill Commemoration: Sir Winston Churchill & St. Paul's Cathedral, in Wartime

2d.  Deep Blue
3d.  Deep Green
6d.  Brown
 1s.  Bluish Violet

1966   World Cup Football Championship, England: England won their First FIFA World Cup Title

    4d.  Yellow-Green Background
2s6d.  Blue-Green Background

1966   World Health Organisation Headquarters Inauguration, Geneva: W.H.O. is an agency of the United Nations

    8d.  Yellow-Green & Light Blue
1s6d.  Light Purple & Yellow-Brown
1966   20th Anniversary of UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  ½d.  Education
10d.  Science
   2s.  Culture
1967   Bicentenary of the Discovery of the Pitcairn Islands


  ½d.  Mangarevan Canoe, c1325
   1d.  San Pedro y Pablo, 1606
   8d.  San Pedro, 1606
    1s.  HMS Swallow, 1767
1s6d.  The Hercules, 1819