1948 - 1966
A Simplified Listing of Pre-decimal Stamps


25 May 2023

Stamps consecutively numbered
Tokelau (previously called the Union Islands) consists of three tropical coral atolls, located in the Southern Pacific Ocean.
Stamps of Gilbert & Ellice Islands were used from 1911 to 1925, and Stamps of the Samoan Islands were used from 1925 to 1948. 
Tokelau became a Dependency of New Zealand on 1st May 1946.
1948   First Pictorial Definitive Issue: Views and Maps of the Three Islands, Inscribed "Tokelau Islands"

½d.  Atafu Village & Map
 1d.  Nukunonu Hut & Map
 2d.  Fakaofo Village & Map

1953   Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

3d.  Brown
1956   Pictorial Definitive Surcharge

1s.  on ½d.  Atafu Village & Map

1966   New Zealand Postal & Fiscal Arms Surcharges

6d.  Light Blue
8d.  Light Emerald
 2s.  Light Pink 
In 1967 Decimal Currency was introduced, and in 1977 the stamp inscriptions were changed to "Tokelau".