Queen Elizabeth II - Decimal Stamps

Reference Numbers refer to STANLEY GIBBONS' Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue


 Last updated: 24 November, 2020.

2002   Australian Legends - Medical Scientists
45c.  Sir Gustav Nossal
45c.  Nancy Millis

45c.  Peter Doherty
45c.  Fiona Stanley
45c.  Donald Metcalf

$4·50.  Sheetlet
Booklet Pane
$4·50.  Booklet Cover
Issued in Sheetlets of 10
2160 - 45c. Sir Gustav Nossal
2161 - 45c. Nancy Millis
2162 - 45c. Peter Doherty
2163 - 45c. Fiona Stanley
2164 - 45c. Donald Metcalf

Issued in Booklets of 10
2165 - 45c. Sir Gustav Nossal
2166 - 45c. Nancy Millis
2167 - 45c. Peter Doherty
2168 - 45c. Fiona Stanley
2169 - 45c. Donald Metcalf

Issued in Booklets of 10 & 200
SB149 - $4·50. Booklet
CB149 - $90. Cheque Book of 20 Panes

2164a - Booklet Pane

2 each of 2165 to 2169

2002   Golden Jubilee
45c.  Queen Elizabeth, c1953
$2·45.  Queen Elizabeth, c2000

$2·90.  Miniature Sheet
Issued in Sheets of 50 & Miniature Sheets
2170 - 45c. Queen Elizabeth, c1953
2171 - $2·45. Queen Elizabeth, c2000

MS2172 - $2·90. Miniature Sheet
1 each of 2170 & 2071
2002   Australian Olympic Gold Medal Winners
45c.  Steven Bradbury
45c.  Alisa Camplin

$4·50.  Sheetlet of 10
Steven Bradbury
$4·50.  Sheetlet of 10
Alisa Camplin

Issued in Sheetlets of 10
2173 - 45c. Steven Bradbury
2174 - 45c. Alisa Camplin

2002   Centenary of Motor Racing

45c.  Austin 7 & Bugatti Type 40

45c.  Jaguar Mark II

45c.  Repco-Brabham

45c.  Holden Torana & Ford Falcon

45c.  Williams Ford

45c.  Benetton-Renault

Roll Stamps

Booklet Pane
$4·50.  Booklet Cover
Issued in Sheets of 50
2175 - 45c. Austin 7 & Bugatti Type 40
2176 - 45c. Jaguar Mark II
2177 - 45c. Repco-Brabham
2178 - 45c. Holden Torana & Ford Falcon
2179 - 45c. Williams Ford
2180 - 45c. Benetton-Renault
Arranged in se-tenant blocks of 6
2175a - Se-tenant block of 6

Issued in Rolls & Booklets
2081 - 45c. Austin 7 & Bugatti Type 40
2182 - 45c. Jaguar Mark II
2183 - 45c. Repco-Brabham
2184 - 45c. Holden Torana & Ford Falcon
2185 - 45c. Williams Ford
2186 - 45c. Benetton-Renault

Issued in Rolls of 100 self-adhesive stamps
2181a - Strip of 6 stamps
One each of stamps 2081 to 2186
Issued in Booklets of 10 & 200 self-adhesive stamps
SB150 - $4·50. Booklet of 10
CB150 - $90. Cheque Book of 20 Booklet Panes

2181b - Booklet Pane
2 x 2081, 2 x 2182, 2 x 2183, 1 x 2184, 1 x 2185

2002   Lighthouses

45c.   Macquarie Lighthouse

49c.  Cape Naturaliste

49c.  Troubridge Island

$1·50.  Cape of Bruny
Issued in Sheets of 50
2187 - 45c. Macquarie Lighthouse
2188 - 49c. Cape Naturaliste
2189 - 49c. Troubridge Island
2190 - $1·50. Cape of Bruny

Issued in Booklets
2191 - 49c. Cape Naturaliste
2192 - 49c. Troubridge Island

SB150 - $4·90 Booklet of 10
2191a - Booklet Pane
5 each of 2191 & 2192

SP2 - $9·95 Prestige Booklet of 14
Comprises 5 different panes:
4 x 45c. Macquarie Lighthouse
2 x 49c. Cape Naturaliste
2 x 49c. Troubridge Island
2 x $1·50 Cape of Bruny
1 x All 4 stamps in se-tenant block of 4
2002   Australian & France Joint Issue
  GUMMED STAMPS  Perforated
Issued in Sheets of 50
2193 - 45c. Nicolas Baudin & Kangaroo
2194 - $1·50. Matthew Flinders & Port Lincoln Parrot

2002   International Stamps - Views of Australia 3

50c.  Walker Flat, River Murray, SA

$1·00.  Mt. Roland, Tas.

$1·50.  Cape Leveque, WA
2195 - 50c. Walker Flat, River Murray, SA
2196 - $1·00. Mt. Roland, Tas.
2197 - $1·50. Cape Leveque, WA
Issued in Booklets of 10
2198 - 50c. Walker Flat, River Murray, SA
2199 - $1·00. Mt. Roland, Tas.

SB152 - $7. Booklet of 10
2198a - Booklet Pane
6 x 2198 & 2 x 2199.
2002   Fauna & Flora 5 - Great Sandy Desert
  2200 - 50c. Desert Star Flower
2201 - $1.00. Bilby
2202 - $1·50. Thorny Devil
2203 - $2·00. Great Sandy Desert

2002   Centenary of Albert Namatjira's Birth
  2204 - 45c. "Ghost Gum, Mt Sonder"
2205 - 45c. "Mt. Hermannsburg"
2206 - 45c. "Glen Helen Country"
2207 - 45c. "Simpsons Gap"

2002   Australia & Thailand Joint Issue - Water Lilies
  2213 - 45c. Sacred Lotus
2214 - $1·00. Nymphaea Sp.
MS2215 -
2002   International Greetings
  2216 - 90c. Star, Presents, & Baubles
2217 - $1·10. Koala
2218 - $1·65. "Puja"
2002   Bush Tucker - Editable Plants from the Outback
  2223 - 49c. Murnong
2224 - 49c. Acacia Seeds
2225 - 49c. Quandong
2226 - 49c. Honey Grevillea
2227 - 49c. Lilly Pilly
2002   International Stamps - Views of Australia 4
  $1.10. Coonawarra, SA
$1.65. Grampians, Vic.
$2.20. National Library, ACT
$3.30. Cape York, Qld.
2002   Stamp Collecting Month - The Magic Rainforest
  45c. Bunyip
45c. Fairy on Branch
45c. Gnome with Sword
45c. Goblin with Whip
45c. Wizard
45c. Sprite
2002   Champion Racehorses
  45c. "Might and Power"
45c. "Sunline"
45c. "Wakeful"
45c. "Rising Fast"
45c. "Manikato"
2002   Christmas
  45c. Sprite
45c. The Three Wise Men
2003   Greeting Stamps
  50c. Two Daisies
50c. Wedding Rings & Yellow Roses
50c. Hearts & Pink Roses
50c. Birthday Cake & Present
50c. Teddy Bear
50c. Balloons
50c. Red Kangaroo & Flag
50c. Australia on Globe
50c. Sports Car
$1. Wedding Rings & Pink Rose
2003   Framas - Farewell Design
50c., $1·00., $1·45. Emu Framas
2003   Australian Legends 7 - Tennis
  50c. Margaret Court with Wimbledon Trophy
50c. Margaret Court in Action
50c. Rod Laver with Wimbledon Trophy
50c. Rod Laver in Action
2003   Fauna & Flora 6 - Rainforest
  50c. Yellow-Bellied Sunbird
50c. Orange-Thighed Tree Frog
50c. Green-Spotted Triangle Butterfly
50c. Striped Possum
$1.45. Blue Orchid
2003   Angling in Australia
  50c. Snapper - Beach Fishing
50c. Murray Cod - Flooded Wood
50c. Brown Trout - Fly-Fishing
50c. Yellow-Finned Tuna - Sea-Fishing
50c. Barramundi - Mangrove Swamp
2003   Australian Horticulture
  50c. "Hari Withers" Camellia
50c. "Victoria Gold" Rose
50c. "Superb" Grevillea
50c. "Bush Tango" Kangaroo Paw
50c. "Midnight" Rhododendron
2003   Australian Paintings 1
  $1. "Ned Kelly" - Sir Sidney Nolan
$1. "Family Home" - Howard Arkley
$1.45. "Cord Long Drawn" - Robert Jacks
$2.45. "Girl" - Joy Hester
2003   50th. Coronation Anniversary
  50c. Queen Elizabeth II (1953)
$2.45. St. Edward's Crown
2003   International Post - Art of the Papunya Tula Movement
  $1.10. Ningura Napurrula
$1.65. Natta Nungurrayi
$2.20. Graham Tjupurrula
$3.30. Dini Campbell Tjampitjinpa
2003   50th Anniversary of Discovery of DNA
  50c. Kangaroo Chromosomes
50c. DNA Double Helix
2003   150th Anniversary of Murray River Shipping
  50c. "Pyap" Cruise Vessel
50c. "Adelaide" Paddle Steamer
50c. "Oscar W" Paddle Steamer
50c. "Marion" Paddle Steamer
50c. "Ruby" Paddle Steamer
2003   Greetings Stamps: Peace & Goodwill
  50c. Christmas Tree
90c. Star
2003   Centenary of High Court in Australia
  50c. Sir Samuel Griffith (First Chief Justice)
$1.45. "Justice"
2003   Stamp Collecting Month: Bugs & Butterflies
  50c. Ulysses Butterfly
50c. Leichhardt's Grasshopper
50c. Vedalia Ladybird
50c. Green Mantid (Mantis)
50c. Emperor Gum Moth Caterpillar
50c. Fiddler Beetle
2003   Rugby World Cup Championship, Australia
  50c. Passing the Ball
$1.10. Webb Ellis Cup
$1.65. Players
2003   National Asthma Week Campaign
  50c. "Active with ASTHMA"
2003   Christmas
  45c. Mary, Baby Jesus, & Angels
50c. Three Wise Men
90c. Angel and Shepherds
2004   Australian Legends 8: Dame Joan Sutherland
  50c. At Lucia di Lammermoor (1980)
50c. Joan Sutherland
2004   Bicentenary of Settlement of Hobart, Tasmania
  50c. Aboriginal Shell Necklace & Bracelet
50c. Cheshunt House, Deloraine
$1.00. "Mount Wellington & Hobart Town"
$1.00. Mountains, SW Tas.
2004   Landmark Bridges
  50c. Ross Bridge, Tas. (1836)
50c. Lockyer Creek Bridge, Qld. (1911)
50c. Sydney Harbour Bridge, NSW (1932)
50c. Birkenhead Bridge, Adelaide (1940)
50c. Bolte Bridge, Melbourne (1999)
2004   Greetings Stamp
  50c. Stylised Southern Cross
2004   Renewable Energy
  50c. Solar
50c. Wind
50c. Hydro
50c. Biomass
2004   50th Anniversary of Royal Tour to Australia
  50c. Queen Elizabeth II
2004   Fauna & Flora 7: Rainforest Butterflies
  5c. Red Lacewing
10c. Blue Banded Eggfly
75c. Cruiser
$2. Ulysses & Red Lacewing
2004   Australian Innovations
  50c. Black Box Flight Recorder (1961)
50c. Ultrasound Imaging (1976)
50c. RaceCam TV (1979)
50c. Baby Safety Capsule (1984)
50c. Polymer Banknotes (1988)
2004   Ocean Liners
  50c. "Dominion Monarch"
$1.00. "Awatea"
$1.45. "Ormonde" & "Orsova"
$2. Liners passing under Bridge
2004   150th Anniversary of Eureka Stockade
  50c. Eureka Flag
$2.45. Peter Lalor (Gold Diggers Leader)
2004   Impressions: Australian Wildlife & Heritage
  $1. Koala
$1. Little Penguin
$1.45. Clown Anemonefish
$2.45. Gold Coast
2004   Olympic Games: Athens
  50c. Swimming
$1.65. Sprinting
$1.65. Cycling
2004   Australian Gold Medal Winning Events: Athens Olympic Games
  50c. Swimming
50c. Swimming
50c. Cycling
50c. Swimming
50c. Shooting
50c. Swimming
50c. Swimming
50c. Cycling
50c. Rowing
50c. Swimming
50c. Swimming
50c. Diving
50c. Cycling
50c. Cycling
50c. Cycling
50c. Cycling
50c. Hockey
2004   Views of Australia 5: Coastlines
  $1.20. Entrance Beach, WA
$1.80. Mt. William, Tas.
$2.40. Potato Point, NSW
$3.60. Point Gibbon, SA
2004   Treasures from the Archives 1: £2 Kangaroo
  $5. Partial Sheet of the £2 Kangaroo Stamp
2004   150th Anniversary of Australian Railways
  50c. Stephenson 2-4-0 (1854)
50c. Locomotive No. 1 (1855)
50c. B12 Class Locomotive (1867)
50c. G Class Train (1917)
50c. The Ghan (2004)
2004   Stamp Collecting Month: Cats & Dogs
  50c. Labrador Puppy
50c. Black & White Cat
50c. West Highland Terriers
50c. Ginger & White Kitten
$1. Jack Russell Terrier
2004   Heroes of Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing
  50c. Mick Doohan (Repsol)
50c. Wayne Gardner (Honda)
50c. Troy Bayliss (Ducati)
50c. Daryl Beattie (Suzuki)
50c. Garry McCoy (Red Bull)
2004   Christmas
  45c. Mary & Jesus
50c. Angel & Shepherds
$1. Three Wise Men
2005   Centenary of Australian Open Tennis Championship
  50c. Male Player (1905)
$1.80. Female Player (2005)
2005   Australia Legends 9: Fashion Designers
  50c. Joe Saba
50c. Carla Zampatti
50c. Prue Acton
50c. Jenny Banister
50c. Collette Dinnigan
50c. Akira Isogawa
2005   Australian Parrots
  50c. Princess Parrot
50c. Rainbow Lorikeet
50c. Green Rosella
50c. Red-Capped Parrot
50c. Purple-Crowned Lorikeet
2005   Sporting Treasures
  50c. Sir Don Bradman's Hat
50c. Lionel Rose's Gloves
$1. Marjorie Jackson's Spikes
$1. Phar Lap's Racing Silks
2005   Greeting Stamps: Marking the Occasion
  50c. Bumble Bee Toy
50c. Red Roses
50c. Wrapped Presents
50c. Kangaroos
50c. Bouquet of White Flowers
$1. Bouquet of Cream Flowers
$1·10. Koala
$1·20. Shell on Beach
$1·80. Sydney Opera House
2005   World Heritage Sites: Australia & Great Britain Joint Issue
  50c. Greater Blue Mountains, NSW
50c. Blenheim Palace, England
50c. Wet Tropics, Qld.
50c. Stonehenge, England
$1. Purnululu National Park, WA
$1. Neolithic Orkney, Scotland
$1·80. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, NT
$1·80. Hadrian's Wall, England
2005   Creatures of the Slime
  50c. Tribrachidium
50c. Dickinsonia
50c. Spriggina
50c. Kimberella
50c. Inaria
$1. Charniodiscus
2005   Centenary of Rotary International
  50c. Rotary Emblem
2005   150th Anniversary of First Australian Coin
  50c. Obverse - Queen Victoria
$2.45. Reverse - Olive Wreath
2005   Queen's Birthday
  50c. Queen Elizabeth II
2005   International Stamps: Bush Wildlife
  $1·00. Superb Lyrebird
$1·10. Kookaburra
$1·20. Koala
$1·80. Red Kangaroo
2005   Australian Wildflower Definitives 1
  50c. Sturt's Desert Pea
50c. Coarse-Leaved Mallee
50c. Common Fringe Lilly
50c. Swamp Daisy
2005   Australian Wine
  50c. Vineyard
50c. Ripening Grapes
$1. Harvesting Grapes
$1. Casks of Wine
$1·45. Glasses of Red & White Wine
2005   Native Trees
  50c. Snow Gum
50c. Wollemi Pine
50c. Boab
50c. Karri
50c. Moreton Bay Fig
2005   Treasures from the Archives 2: NSW 20 Shilling
  $5. Part sheet of the 20s. NSW Stamp
2005   Greeting Stamps: Marking the Occasion
  45c. Christmas Tree with Lights
50c. Map of Australia with Stars
2005   Stamp Collecting Month: Farmyard Animals
  50c. Chloe the Chicken
50c. Lucy the Lamb
50c. Gilbert the Goat
50c. Ralph the Piglet
50c. Abigail the Cow
$1. Harry the Horse
2005   Christmas
  45c. Madonna & Child
$1. Adoring Angel
2006   Commonwealth Games, Melbourne 1
  50c. Games Emblem
2006   Australian Legends 10: Barry Humphries
  50c. Mrs Norm Everage (1969)
50c. Mrs Edna Everage (1973)
50c. Dame Edna Everage (1982)
50c. Dame Edna Everage (2004)
50c. Barry Humphries
2006   Greetings Stamp: Roses
  50c. Red Rose
2006   Australian Wildflower Definitives 2
  $1. Pincushion Hakea
$2. Donkey Orchid
$5. Mangles Kangaroo Paw
$10. Waratah
2006   Winter Olympic Games, Turin
  50c. Dale Begg-Smith
2006   Commonwealth Games, Melbourne 2
  50c. Athlete
$1·25. Cyclist
$1·85. Netball
2006   International Post: Native Wildlife
  5c. Platypus
25c. Short-Beaked Echidna
$1·25. Common Wombat
$1·85. Tasmania Devil
$2·50. Greater Bilby
$3·70. Dingo
2006   Commonwealth Games, Melbourne 3
  $2·50. Miniature Sheet No. 01 - Opening Ceremony
$2·50. Miniature Sheet No. 02
$5.      Miniature Sheet No. 03
$2·50. Miniature Sheet No. 04
$5.      Miniature Sheet No. 05
$2·50. Miniature Sheet No. 06
$2·50. Miniature Sheet No. 07
$5.      Miniature Sheet No. 08
$2·50. Miniature Sheet No. 09
$5.      Miniature Sheet No. 10
$2·50. Miniature Sheet No. 11
$5.      Miniature Sheet No. 12
$5.      Miniature Sheet No. 13
$5.      Miniature Sheet No. 14
$2·50. Miniature Sheet No. 15
$2·50. Miniature Sheet No. 16 - Closing Ceremony
$5.      Miniature Sheet No. 17 - Memorial Moments
2006   Queen's Birthday
  50c. Wearing Garter Robes
$2·45. Queen Elizabeth II
2006   Lighthouses of the 20th Century
  50c. Point Lonsdale, Vic. (1902)
50c. Cape Don, NT (1916)
50c. Wollongong, NSW (1937)
50c. Casuarina Point, WA (1971)
50c. Point Cartwright, Qld. (1979)
2006   International Stamps: Greetings from Australia
  $1.25. Koala with Cub
$1.85. Royal Exhibition Building
2006   World Cup Football Championships, Germany
  50c. Heading the Ball
50c. Kicking the Ball
$1·25. Goalkeeper
$1·85. Playing the Ball
2006   Postie Kate
  50c. Sorting Mail
50c. On Motorcycle
50c. In Van
50c. Riding Motorcycle
50c. Mail Satchel
2006   Endangered Species: Whales
  50c. Humpback Whale
50c. Blue Whale
$1·25. Fin Whale
$1·85. Southern Bottlenose Whale
2006   Extreme Sports
  50c. Surfing
$1. Snowboarding
$1·45. Skateboarding
$2. Freestyle Moto X
2006   Driving Through the Years
  50c. Ford TT Truck (1917)
50c. Holden FE (1956)
50c. Morris 850 (1961)
50c. Holden Sandman HX Panel Van (1976)
50c. Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 (1985)
2006   Australian Rock Posters
  50c. "Sunbury Rock Festival"
50c. "Magic Dirt"
50c. "Masters Apprentices"
50c. "Goanna's Spirit of Place"
50c. "Angles & Guests"
50c. "Midnight Oil"
50c. "Apollo Bay Festival"
50c. "Big Day Out"
50c. "Rolling Stones Tour"
50c. "Mental as Anything"
2006   Stamp Collecting Month: Dangerous Australian Wildlife
  50c. White Shark
50c. Eastern Brown Snake
50c. Box Jellyfish
50c. Saltwater Crocodile
50c. Blue-Ringed Octopus
$1. Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake
2006   50th Anniversary of Television in Australia
  50c. "In Melbourne Tonight"
50c. "Homicide"
50c. "Dateline"
50c. "Neighbours"
50c. "Kath & Kim"
2006   50th Anniversary of Olympics Games, Melbourne
  50c. XVI Olympiad Melbourne 2s. Stamp
50c. River Yarra, Melbourne
$1. XVI Olympiad Melbourne 1s. Stamp
$1. Collins Street, Melbourne
2006   Christmas
  45c. Virgin Mary & Baby Jesus
50c. Magi with Gift
$1·05. Shepherd with Lamb
2007   Australia wins the Cricket Ashes
  50c. Celebrating the Win
$1·85. Team with Ashes Urn
2007   Australian Legends 11: Horse Racing
  50c. Scobie Breasley
50c. Scobie Breasley on Santa Clause
50c. Bart Cummings
50c. Bart Cummings with Cup
50c. Roy Higgins
50c. Roy Higgins on Light Fingers
50c. Bob Ingham
50c. Bob Ingham leading Lonhro
50c. George Moore
50c. George Moore on Tulloch
50c. John Tapp
50c. John Tapp commentating
2007   Australian Wildflower Definitives 3
  50c. Tasmanian Christmas Bell
50c. Green Spider Flower
50c. Sturt's Desert Pea
50c. Granite Belt Phebalium
2007   12th FINA World Championships, Melbourne
  50c. Swimmer
2007   International Post: Island Jewels
  10c. Maria Island, Tas.
30c. Rottnest Island, WA
$1·30. Green Island, Qld
$1·95. Fraser Island, Qld
$2·60. Kangaroo Island, SA
$3·85. Lord Howe Island, NSW
2007   Year of the Surf Lifesaver
  50c. Female Lifesaver & Reel
50c. Male Lifesaver
$1. Surf Boat
$2. Nippers
2007   Signs of the Zodiac
  50c. Aries
50c. Taurus
50c. Gemini
50c. Cancer
50c. Leo
50c. Virgo
50c. Libra
50c. Scorpio
50c. Sagittarius
50c. Capricorn
50c. Aquarius
50c. Pisces
2007   Poster Art 2: Nostalgic Tourism
  50c. At the Beach
$1. Fishing
$2. Riding in the Country
$2·45. Winter Sport
2007   Queen's Birthday
  50c. Queen's Birthday 2007
2007   Historic Shipwrecks
  50c. Admella, 1859
$1. Loch Ard, 1878
$2. Dunbar, 1857
2007   International Post: Country to Coast
  $1·35. Yellow-Footed Rock-Wallaby
$1·95. Sydney Harbour Bridge
2007   Circus: Under the Big Top
  50c. 'The Burning Bicycle'
50c. 'The Inside-Out Man'
50c. 'The Dental Trapeze'
50c. 'The Banana Laby'
50c. 'The Human Cannonball'
2007   Big Things
  50c. Big Golden Guitar
50c. Big Lobster
50c. Big Banana
50c. Big Marino Ram
50c. Big Pineapple
2007   Threatened Wildlife
  50c. Grey-Headed Flying-Fox
50c. Mountain Pygmy-Possum
$1·25. Flatback Turtle
$1·30. Wandering Albatross
2007   Landmarks: Modernist Australian Architecture
  50c. Former ICI House, 1973
50c. Academy of Science, 1958
$1. Council House, 1962
$1·30. Sydney Opera House, 1973
2007   Market Feast
  50c. Delicatessen
50c. Banana Seller
50c. Sydney Fish Market
50c. Vegetable Stall
50c. Potato Seller
2007   Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, Australia (APEC)
  50c. APEC Logo
2007   50th Anniversary of the Special Air service (SAS)
  50c. SAS Soldiers
2007   Australian Botanic Gardens
  50c. Brisbane Botanic Gardens
50c. Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Perth
50c. Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney
50c. Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
50c. Botanic Gardens of Adelaide
2007   Stamp Collecting Month: 50 Years in Space
  50c. Sputnik, 1957
50c. First Space Walk, 1965
50c. Walking on Moon, 1969
50c. Voyager Space Probe, 1977
50c. International Space Station, 1998
$1.   Hubble Space Telescope, 1990
2007   Caravanning Through the Years
  50c. Family Picnic, 1950s
50c. With Kangaroos, 1960s 
50c. Family Caravan, 1970s
50c. Caravanning, 1980s
50c. Caravanning, c2007
2007   Christmas
  45c. Surfing Santa
45c. Bush Nativity
45c. Madonna & Child
50c. 'The Spirit of Christmas'
2008   Greetings Stamps: Love Blooms
  50c. Red Rose
2008   Australian Legends 12: Philanthropy
  50c. Dame Elisabeth Murdoch
50c. Victor & Loti Smorgon
50c. Lady Mary Fairfax
50c. Frank Lowy
2008   Organ & Tissue Donation
  50c. The Human Body
2008   Centenary of Scouting in Australia
  50c. Scout Camp
$1·35. Scouts in Circle
$2. Lord Baden-Powell
2008   International Post: Gorgeous Australia
  $1·35. Grose River Gorge, NSW
$2. Walpa Gorge, NT
$2·70. Katherine George, NT
$4. Geikie Gorge, WA
2008   World Youth Day, Sydney
  50c. Pope Benedict XVI
$1·35. Pope holding Crosier
$2. Pope giving Blessing
2008   Centenary of Rugby League
  50c. Bulldogs
50c. Titans
50c. Sharks
50c. Knights
50c. Cowboys
50c. Broncos
50c. Sea Eagles
50c. Storm
50c. Roosters
50c. Raiders
50c. Rabbitohs
50c. Panthers
50c. Dragons
50c. Eels
50c. Wests Tigers
50c. Warriors
2008   Heavy Haulers
  50c. Face Shovel
50c. Haul Truck
50c. Road Train
50c. Ore Train
50c. Bulk Carrier
2008   Lest We Forget
  50c. Veterans Marching
50c. Laying Wreaths
50c. Playing the "Last Post"
50c. War Veteran & Young Boy
50c. Australians at Gallipoli
2008   Queen's Birthday
  50c. Parliament House (2006)
$2. Order of Australia
2008   150th Anniversary of First Hot Air Balloon Flight in Australia
  50c. Above Sydney, NSW
50c. Above Mt. Feathertop, Vic.
50c. Above MacDonnell Rangers, NT
50c. Above Canberra, ACT
2008   Working Dogs
  50c. German Shepherd
50c. Australian Cattle Dog
50c. Beagle
50c. Border Collie
50c. Labrador
2008   Olympic Games, Beijing
  50c. Chinese Dragon
2008   Living Green
  50c. Save Water
50c. Reduce Waste
50c. Travel Smart
50c. Save Energy
2008   Centenary of the Quarantine Act
  50c. Quarantine Detector Dog & Handler
2008   World Youth Day 2
  50c. Flags at Opening Mass
50c. Pope Benedict XVI
50c. Stations of the Cross
50c. Start of Pilgrimage
50c. Final Mass
2008   150th Anniversary of Australian Football
  50c. Football Game, Melbourne (1866)
2008   Olympic Games, Beijing
  50c. Basket Ball
$1·30. Cycling
$1·35. Gymnastics
2008   Aviation
  50c. Bristol Tourer
50c. Empire Flying Boat
50c. Lockheed Super Constellation
$2 Airbus A380
2008   Australian Gold Medal Winners, Olympic Games, Beijing
  Stamps are printed in Sheetlets of 10
50c. Stephanie Rice
50c. Lisbeth Trickett
50c. Leisel Jones
50c. Stephanie Rice
50c. Women's Freestyle Relay Team
50c. Drew Ginn & Duncan Free
50c. David Crawshay & Scott Brennan
50c. Women's Medley Relay Team
50c. Emma Snowsill
50c. Malcolm Page & Nathan Wilmott
50c. Tessa Parkinson & Elise Rechichi
50c. Ken Wallace
50c. Steven Hooker
50c. Mathew Mitcham
2008   Tourist Precincts
  55c. Luna Park, Melbourne
55c. South Bank, Brisbane
55c. The Rocks, Sydney
55c. Fisherman's Wharf, Fremantle
$1·10. Foreshore, Cairns
$1·65. Salamanca Place, Hobart
$2·75. Glenelg, Adelaide
2008   International Post: Waterfalls of Australia
  $1·40. Russel Falls, Tas.
$2·05. Jim Jim Falls, NT
$2·80. Hamersley Gorge, WA
$4·10. Mackenzie Falls, Vic.
2008   Greetings Stamps: For Every Occasion
  55c. Silver Rings
55c. Gold Rings
55c. Heart & Roses
55c. Baby Feet
55c. Balloons
55c. Bird over Beach
55c. Stylised Landscape
55c. Sparklers
55c. Australia & Antarctica on Globe
$1.10 Wedding Dress Embroidery
2008   Stamp Collecting Month: Megafauna of Australia
  55c. Genyornis
55c. Diprotodon
55c. Thylacoleo
55c. Thylacine
$1·10. Megalania
$1·10. Procoptodon
2008   Paralympian of the Year
  55c. Matthew Cowdrey
2008   Christmas
  50c. Baubles
50c. Virgin Mary & Baby Jesus
55c. Angel
$1.20 Wise Man
2008   Favourite Australian Films
  55c. "The Adventures of Priscilla"
55c. "The Castle"
55c. "Muriel's Wedding"
55c. "Lantana"
55c. "Gallipoli"
2009   Australian Legends 13: Legends of the Screen
55c. Nicole Kidman
55c. Russell Crow
55c. Geoffrey Rush
55c. Cate Blanchett
55c. "Moulin Rouge" (2001)
55c. "Gladiator" (2000)
55c. "Shine" (1996)
55c. "Elizabeth" (2007)
2009   Greetings Stamps: With Love
  55c. Red Roses
55c. Heart Flowers
55c. Filigree Heart
2009   Inventive Australia
  55c. Esky & Wine Cask
55c. Hills Hoist
55c. Speedos & Zinc Cream
55c. Ute & B&D Roll-a-Door
55c. Victa Lawnmower
2009   Earth Hour
  55c. "Lights Out"
55c. "Switch Off"
$2·05. "Save Energy"
2009   Bicentenary of Postal Services in Australia 1
  55c. Postmaster collecting Sea Mail
55c. Early Post Office
55c. Early Posting Box
55c. Letters from Home
55c. Early Air Mail
55c. Home Delivery
55c. Post-War Immigration
55c. Retail PostShop
55c. Express Post
55c. Australia Post Lorry
2009   Indigenous Culture
  55c. Mamu
55c. All the Jila
55c. Mina Mina
$1·40. Untitled
$2·05. Natjula
2009   Queens Birthday
  55c. Riding Side Saddle
$2·05. Riding in Carriage
2009   Not Just Desserts
  55c. Pavlova
55c. Peach Melba
55c. Lamingtons
55c. ANZAC Biscuits
2009   Endangered Species: Dolphins of the Australian Coastline
  55c. Spotted Bottlenose Dolphin
$1·35. Hourglass Dolphin
$1·40. Southern Right Whale Dolphin
$2·05. Dusky Dolphin
2009   150th Anniversary of Queensland
  55c. Parliament House
$2·75. Great Barrier Reef
2009   Bicentenary of Postal Services in Australia 2
  55c. "£2 Kangaroo & Map" (1913)
55c. "5s. Sydney Harbour Bridge" (1932)
55c. "2½d. Peace" (1946)
55c. "8½d. Aboriginal" (1950)
55c. "6d. Kookaburra" (1914)
2009   International Post: Australian Bush Babies
  $1·45. Koala
$2·10. Eastern Grey Kangaroo
$2·90. Brushtail Possum
$4·20. Common Wombat
2009   Australian Parks & Gardens
  55c. Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne
55c. Roma Street Parkland, Brisbane
55c. St. David's Park, Hobart
55c. Commonwealth Park, Canberra
55c. Hyde Park, Sydney
2009   Micro Monsters
  55c. Hatchet Wasp
55c. Praying Mantis
55c. Ground Beetle
55c. Jumping Spider
55c. Ant
$1·10. Weevil
2009   Species at Risk: Joint Territories
  55c. Bridled Nailtail Wallaby
55c. Norfolk Island Green Parrot
55c. Subantarctic Fur Seal
55c. Christmas Island Blue-Tailed Skink
55c. Green Turtle
2009   Corrugated Landscapes
  55c. Water Tank
55c. Traditional House
55c. Converted Nissen Hut
55c. Magney House, NSW
2009   International Year of Astronomy: The Southern Skies
  55c. Sombrero Galaxy M104
$1·45. Reflection Nebula M78
$2·10. Spiral Galaxy M83
2009   Australian Songbirds
  55c. Green Catbird
$1·10. Noisy Scrub-Bird
$1·65. Mangrove Golden Whistler
$2·75. Scarlet Honeyeater
2009   Classic Toys
  55c. Cyclops Pedal Car
55c. Test Match Board Game
55c. Barbie
55c. Malvern Star Dragstar
55c. Cabbage Patch Kids
2009   Stamp Collecting Month: "Lets Get Active"
  55c. Australian Rules
55c. Basket Ball
55c. Soccer
55c. Netball
55c. Cricket
55c. Tennis
2009   Bicentenary of Postal Services in Australia 3
  55c. Staff
55c. Counter Staff
55c. Express Post
55c. Shelving
55c. Motorcycle
55c. Sorting Centre
55c. Contractors Van
55c. Staff
55c. Counter Staff
55c. Outdoor Staff
2009   Christmas
  55c. Candles
55c. Christmas Tree
55c. Wrapped Gifts
55c. Baubles
55c. Candy Canes
50c. Virgin Mary & Baby Jesus
$1.25 The Magi