Queen Elizabeth II - Decimal Stamps
2008 - 2014

Reference Numbers refer to Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue


Last updated: 18  November, 2020

2008   Greetings Stamps: Love Blooms
  50c. Red Rose
2008   Australian Legends 12: Philanthropy
  50c. Dame Elisabeth Murdoch
50c. Victor & Loti Smorgon
50c. Lady Mary Fairfax
50c. Frank Lowy
2008   Organ & Tissue Donation
  50c. The Human Body
2008   Centenary of Scouting in Australia
  50c. Scout Camp
$1·35. Scouts in Circle
$2. Lord Baden-Powell
2008   International Post: Gorgeous Australia
  $1·35. Grose River Gorge, NSW
$2. Walpa Gorge, NT
$2·70. Katherine George, NT
$4. Geikie Gorge, WA
2008   World Youth Day, Sydney
  50c. Pope Benedict XVI
$1·35. Pope holding Crosier
$2. Pope giving Blessing
2008   Centenary of Rugby League
  50c. Bulldogs
50c. Titans
50c. Sharks
50c. Knights
50c. Cowboys
50c. Broncos
50c. Sea Eagles
50c. Storm
50c. Roosters
50c. Raiders
50c. Rabbitohs
50c. Panthers
50c. Dragons
50c. Eels
50c. Wests Tigers
50c. Warriors
2008   Heavy Haulers
  50c. Face Shovel
50c. Haul Truck
50c. Road Train
50c. Ore Train
50c. Bulk Carrier
2008   Lest We Forget
  50c. Veterans Marching
50c. Laying Wreaths
50c. Playing the "Last Post"
50c. War Veteran & Young Boy
50c. Australians at Gallipoli
2008   Queen's Birthday
  50c. Parliament House (2006)
$2. Order of Australia
2008   150th Anniversary of First Hot Air Balloon Flight in Australia
  50c. Above Sydney, NSW
50c. Above Mt. Feathertop, Vic.
50c. Above MacDonnell Rangers, NT
50c. Above Canberra, ACT
2008   Working Dogs
  50c. German Shepherd
50c. Australian Cattle Dog
50c. Beagle
50c. Border Collie
50c. Labrador
2008   Olympic Games, Beijing
  50c. Chinese Dragon
2008   Living Green
  50c. Save Water
50c. Reduce Waste
50c. Travel Smart
50c. Save Energy
2008   Centenary of the Quarantine Act
  50c. Quarantine Detector Dog & Handler
2008   World Youth Day 2
  50c. Flags at Opening Mass
50c. Pope Benedict XVI
50c. Stations of the Cross
50c. Start of Pilgrimage
50c. Final Mass
2008   150th Anniversary of Australian Football
  50c. Football Game, Melbourne (1866)
2008   Olympic Games, Beijing
  50c. Basket Ball
$1·30. Cycling
$1·35. Gymnastics
2008   Aviation
  50c. Bristol Tourer
50c. Empire Flying Boat
50c. Lockheed Super Constellation
$2 Airbus A380
2008   Australian Gold Medal Winners, Olympic Games, Beijing
  Stamps are printed in Sheetlets of 10
50c. Stephanie Rice
50c. Lisbeth Trickett
50c. Leisel Jones
50c. Stephanie Rice
50c. Women's Freestyle Relay Team
50c. Drew Ginn & Duncan Free
50c. David Crawshay & Scott Brennan
50c. Women's Medley Relay Team
50c. Emma Snowsill
50c. Malcolm Page & Nathan Wilmott
50c. Tessa Parkinson & Elise Rechichi
50c. Ken Wallace
50c. Steven Hooker
50c. Mathew Mitcham
2008   Tourist Precincts
  55c. Luna Park, Melbourne
55c. South Bank, Brisbane
55c. The Rocks, Sydney
55c. Fisherman's Wharf, Fremantle
$1·10. Foreshore, Cairns
$1·65. Salamanca Place, Hobart
$2·75. Glenelg, Adelaide
2008   International Post: Waterfalls of Australia
  $1·40. Russel Falls, Tas.
$2·05. Jim Jim Falls, NT
$2·80. Hamersley Gorge, WA
$4·10. Mackenzie Falls, Vic.
2008   Greetings Stamps: For Every Occasion
  55c. Silver Rings
55c. Gold Rings
55c. Heart & Roses
55c. Baby Feet
55c. Balloons
55c. Bird over Beach
55c. Stylised Landscape
55c. Sparklers
55c. Australia & Antarctica on Globe
$1.10 Wedding Dress Embroidery
2008   Stamp Collecting Month: Megafauna of Australia
  55c. Genyornis
55c. Diprotodon
55c. Thylacoleo
55c. Thylacine
$1·10. Megalania
$1·10. Procoptodon
2008   Paralympian of the Year
  55c. Matthew Cowdrey
2008   Christmas
  50c. Baubles
50c. Virgin Mary & Baby Jesus
55c. Angel
$1.20 Wise Man
2008   Favourite Australian Films
  55c. "The Adventures of Priscilla"
55c. "The Castle"
55c. "Muriel's Wedding"
55c. "Lantana"
55c. "Gallipoli"
2009   Australian Legends 13: Legends of the Screen
55c. Nicole Kidman
55c. Russell Crow
55c. Geoffrey Rush
55c. Cate Blanchett
55c. "Moulin Rouge" (2001)
55c. "Gladiator" (2000)
55c. "Shine" (1996)
55c. "Elizabeth" (2007)
2009   Greetings Stamps: With Love
  55c. Red Roses
55c. Heart Flowers
55c. Filigree Heart
2009   Inventive Australia
  55c. Esky & Wine Cask
55c. Hills Hoist
55c. Speedos & Zinc Cream
55c. Ute & B&D Roll-a-Door
55c. Victa Lawnmower
2009   Earth Hour
  55c. "Lights Out"
55c. "Switch Off"
$2·05. "Save Energy"
2009   Bicentenary of Postal Services in Australia 1
  55c. Postmaster collecting Sea Mail
55c. Early Post Office
55c. Early Posting Box
55c. Letters from Home
55c. Early Air Mail
55c. Home Delivery
55c. Post-War Immigration
55c. Retail PostShop
55c. Express Post
55c. Australia Post Lorry
2009   Indigenous Culture
  55c. Mamu
55c. All the Jila
55c. Mina Mina
$1·40. Untitled
$2·05. Natjula
2009   Queens Birthday
  55c. Riding Side Saddle
$2·05. Riding in Carriage
2009   Not Just Desserts
  55c. Pavlova
55c. Peach Melba
55c. Lamingtons
55c. ANZAC Biscuits
2009   Endangered Species: Dolphins of the Australian Coastline
  55c. Spotted Bottlenose Dolphin
$1·35. Hourglass Dolphin
$1·40. Southern Right Whale Dolphin
$2·05. Dusky Dolphin
2009   150th Anniversary of Queensland
  55c. Parliament House
$2·75. Great Barrier Reef
2009   Bicentenary of Postal Services in Australia 2
  55c. "£2 Kangaroo & Map" (1913)
55c. "5s. Sydney Harbour Bridge" (1932)
55c. "2½d. Peace" (1946)
55c. "8½d. Aboriginal" (1950)
55c. "6d. Kookaburra" (1914)
2009   International Post: Australian Bush Babies
  $1·45. Koala
$2·10. Eastern Grey Kangaroo
$2·90. Brushtail Possum
$4·20. Common Wombat
2009   Australian Parks & Gardens
  55c. Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne
55c. Roma Street Parkland, Brisbane
55c. St. David's Park, Hobart
55c. Commonwealth Park, Canberra
55c. Hyde Park, Sydney
2009   Micro Monsters
  55c. Hatchet Wasp
55c. Praying Mantis
55c. Ground Beetle
55c. Jumping Spider
55c. Ant
$1·10. Weevil
2009   Species at Risk: Joint Territories
  55c. Bridled Nailtail Wallaby
55c. Norfolk Island Green Parrot
55c. Subantarctic Fur Seal
55c. Christmas Island Blue-Tailed Skink
55c. Green Turtle
2009   Corrugated Landscapes
  55c. Water Tank
55c. Traditional House
55c. Converted Nissen Hut
55c. Magney House, NSW
2009   International Year of Astronomy: The Southern Skies
  55c. Sombrero Galaxy M104
$1·45. Reflection Nebula M78
$2·10. Spiral Galaxy M83
2009   Australian Songbirds
  55c. Green Catbird
$1·10. Noisy Scrub-Bird
$1·65. Mangrove Golden Whistler
$2·75. Scarlet Honeyeater
2009   Classic Toys
  55c. Cyclops Pedal Car
55c. Test Match Board Game
55c. Barbie
55c. Malvern Star Dragstar
55c. Cabbage Patch Kids
2009   Stamp Collecting Month: "Lets Get Active"
  55c. Australian Rules
55c. Basket Ball
55c. Soccer
55c. Netball
55c. Cricket
55c. Tennis
2009   Bicentenary of Postal Services in Australia 3
  55c. Staff
55c. Counter Staff
55c. Express Post
55c. Shelving
55c. Motorcycle
55c. Sorting Centre
55c. Contractors Van
55c. Staff
55c. Counter Staff
55c. Outdoor Staff
2009   Christmas
  55c. Candles
55c. Christmas Tree
55c. Wrapped Gifts
55c. Baubles
55c. Candy Canes
50c. Virgin Mary & Baby Jesus
$1.25 The Magi
2019   Australian Legends of Children’s Literature
2019   Greetings Stamps: Moments to Treasure
2019   Robin Boyd Centenary
2019   Sustainable Fish

Miniature Sheet
2019   Discovery of the "Welcome Stranger"
2019   Australian Fauna
2019   Queen Elizabeth's Birthday
2019   Anzac Day
2019   International Year of Indigenous Languages
2019   Flightless Birds
2019   Native Bees
2019   Sports Stadiums
2019   50th Anniversary of the Principle of Equal Pay
2019   Freshwater Crayfish
2019   50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission to the Moon
2019   In the Garden: Sustainable Gardening
2019   Bush Citrus
2019   Murchison Meteorite
2019   Beautiful Cities, Part 2
2019   Marriage Equality
2019   Centenary of First England to Australia Flight
2019   The 2019 Ashes
2019   Seed Banking Australia
2019   Fair Dinkum Aussie Alphabet, Part 5
2019   Christmas - 2019
2020   Joyful Occasions
2020   Tree-dwellers of the Tropics
2020   Word of Sport
2020   Transcontinental Railway
2020   Disaster Relief
2020   Medical Innovations
2020   Sydney–San Francisco Mail Steamer Service
2020   Sport Stadiums: Part 2
2020   Queen's Birthday
2020   Anzac Day
2020   Australian Legends of Comedy
2020   Bird Emblems
2020   Navigating History: Endeavour Voyage 250 Years

Miniture Sheet
2020   Citizen Science
2020   Art of the Desert
2020   Mid-Century Fashion Focus
2020   150th Anniversary of The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne