History of The Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue

The Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue


This website collates information on the history and development of the Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue, from its inception in 1926 to the present.

In particular, it examines the evolution of the Stamp Shade Names and associated Reference Numbers for the Kangaroo and King George V Head Stamps. 

Catalogue History

This section contains information on the various changes and improvements introduced over the years, as well as background information on the forerunner to the ACSC Catalogue, an examination of the Editions, details of the Editors, Publishers and Owners, the Catalogue Numbering and general information on Stamp Colours and Shades.

Catalogue List

This list sets out the editions on a year-by-year basis, and includes a summary of the Publishers, Editors, and catalogue formats.

Kangaroo Shades

This section contains a summarised list of each Kangaroo & Map stamp, by catalogue edition, shade name and shade reference number.
NOTE: At this stage, due to the unavailability of the BW ACSC Kangaroo 1996 Second Edition catalogue, the shades listed for that edition are based on the shades in the First & Third editions when they are identical; otherwise the shade entry for the Second edition is left blank.

KGV Shades

This section contains a summary list of each King George V stamp, by catalogue edition, shade name and shade reference number.

KGV 1d. Red Shades

This section contains a summary of the 1d. Red KGV shades on a specialised basis.  Each shade is listed separately based on its "G" number, together with the corresponding catalogue reference number.

It shows the development of the individual shade names and catalogue numbers over the years, and includes details of the Chief Extra Shades within each Shade Group.

State Stamps

A new section is being added, based on Section A of the ACSC 1990 Loose Leaf update "Australian Colonies".  This new section is presented on a simplified basis, with a small number of errors and omissions in the original publication being rectified.

Website Status

This is a privately owned website. It is access free, has no sales or advertising and is being gradually updated and improved.

If you find any errors or omissions; or have any comments, suggestions or information suitable for inclusion or if you find this website useful, please email me at: acsc.history@gmail.com

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