History of The Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue

The Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue


This website collates information on the history and development of the Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue, from its inception in 1926 until 2022.

It examines, in detail, the evolution of Stamp Shade Names and Numbers for the Kangaroo and King George V "Head" Stamps. 

It also includes ancillary and associated information on Australian Stamps & Publications.

Catalogue History

This section covers the changes and improvements introduced over the years, as well as background information on the forerunner to the ACSC Catalogue.  It includes an examination of the Editions, Editors, Publishers, and Owners; as well as the various Numbering Systems used.

Catalogue List

A concise list of the various Editions, Publishers, Editors, and Catalogue Formats on a yearly basis.

Catalogue Covers

This section comprises a pictorial display of the Catalogue Covers throughout the years.

Catalogue Introductions

This section consists of the Introductions from each edition.  These can provide an insight into the development of the Catalogue, the state of the Stamp Market, and the Philatelic Outlook at the time.

Kangaroo Shades

This section contains a complete list of the Kangaroo & Map Stamp shade names and reference numbers from every catalogue issued since the 1926 first edition.

KGV Head Shades

This section contains a complete list of the King George V 'Head' stamp shade names and reference numbers from every catalogue issued since the 1926 first edition.

KGV 1d. Red "G" Shades

This section contains a complete specialised summary of the 1d. Red KGV shades based on their "G" number.  The shade names, corresponding catalogue reference numbers, and all the Chief Extra Shades are listed, from every catalogue issued since the 1926 first edition.

Australian Colonies

This section covers the Australian Colonies (State) stamps based on Section A of the 1990 update to 1988 Loose-Leaf Catalogue.   A small number of errors and omissions in the original publication have been corrected, together with some clarifying annotations added.

Stamps Listed By Date of Issue

A simplified illustrated listing of Australian stamps, including current and former Dependencies, Territories, and Mandates from 1913 until the death of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022.

Stamp Publications

An illustrated listing of Stamp Publications, including Australia Post's current and discontinued publications (Stamp Bulletin, Philatelic Bulletin, Stamp News Copy, Stamp Preview, Junior Stamp Preview, Stamp Explorer), as well as Norfolk Island Philatelic Bulletin Newsletters.

Stamp Related Items

This section includes Stamp Replica Cards, Abandoned Stamp Cards, and Unadopted Stamp Essays Sheetlets.

Miscellaneous Information
This section contains stamp related information covering Watermarks, Dies, Paper Types, Perforations, Printers, Naming Colours & Shades, Stanley Gibbon's Shades, Brusden White's Shades, One Penny Red KGV Shades, Reference Books, Reference Websites, etc.

Website Status

This is a privately owned website. It is access free and has no sales or advertising.  If you find any errors or omissions; or have any comments or suggestions, please contact me at: acsc.history@gmail.com

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