History of The Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue

The Colenso-Blogg "G" Shade List

    Shade Number     Shade Title
Smooth Paper, Single Line Perforations
G1 Carmine Red
G2 Deep Red
Smooth Paper, Comb Perforations
G10 Carmine Red
G11 Bright Red Aniline
G12 Pale Red Aniline
G13 Deep Red
G13½ Rose
G14 Lilac Rose
G15 Reddish Pink
G15½ Dark Red / Scarlet Red
G16 Dull Red
G17 Scarlet Red
G17½ Deep Scarlet Red Aniline
G18 Scarlet Aniline
G19 Dark / Scarlet Aniline
G20 Deep Scarlet Aniline
G21 Rose Red
G22 Rose Carmine
G23 Crimson
G23½ Brownish Rose
G24 Brown Red
G24½ Orange Red
G25 Brick
G26 Salmon
G27 Salmon Eosin
G27½ Salmon Pink Eosin
G28 Pink
G27½ Lilac Pink
G29 Carmine Pink
G30 Carmine Rose
G31 Carmine Red
G32 Brownish Red & Orange Red
G32½ Plum & Crimson & Marone
G33 Carmine
 Rough Paper, Comb Perforations
G60 Deep Scarlet Aniline
G61 Deep Red Aniline
G62 Carmine Aniline
G63 Rose Red Aniline
G64 Brownish Rose
G65 Orange Red
G66 Pink
G67 Rose Pink
G68 Rosine
G69 Rosine OS
G70 Deep Rosine & Deep Red Rosine
G70½ Damson & Lilac Rose
G71 Plum
G72 Dull Red
G73 Carmine Red
G74 Carmine Rose
G75 Brownish Red
G76 Red Brown
G77 Deep Carmine Red
G78 Orange Brown & Chocolate Red
Printer: Cooke
G101 Carmine-Pink
G102 Rose-Red
G103 Deep Red
Printer: Harrison
G104 Carmine-Rose
G105 Deep Carmine-Rose
G106 Pale Carmine-Rose
G107 Carmine Aniline
G108 Deep Bright Red Aniline
 War Savings Paper
G109 Carmine-Red
G110 Deep Red
G111 Deep Bright Red
G112 Brownish Red