History of The Australian Commonwealth Specialists' Catalogue

Queen Elizabeth II Decimal Stamps 5


2008 - 2014

Updated: 24 February 2021

Stamps consecutively numbered on a year by year basis
Greetings Stamps: Love Blooms
  50c. Red Rose
Australian Legends 12: Philanthropy
  50c. Dame Elisabeth Murdoch
50c. Victor & Loti Smorgon
50c. Lady Mary Fairfax
50c. Frank Lowy
Organ & Tissue Donation
  50c. The Human Body
Centenary of Scouting in Australia
  50c. Scout Camp
$1·35. Scouts in Circle
$2. Lord Baden-Powell
International Post: Gorgeous Australia
  $1·35. Grose River Gorge, NSW
$2. Walpa Gorge, NT
$2·70. Katherine George, NT
$4. Geikie Gorge, WA
World Youth Day, Sydney
  50c. Pope Benedict XVI
$1·35. Pope holding Crosier
$2. Pope giving Blessing
Centenary of Rugby League
  50c. Bulldogs
50c. Titans
50c. Sharks
50c. Knights
50c. Cowboys
50c. Broncos
50c. Sea Eagles
50c. Storm
50c. Roosters
50c. Raiders
50c. Rabbitohs
50c. Panthers
50c. Dragons
50c. Eels
50c. Wests Tigers
50c. Warriors
Heavy Haulers

  50c. Face Shovel
50c. Haul Truck
50c. Road Train
50c. Ore Train
50c. Bulk Carrier
Lest We Forget
  50c. Veterans Marching
50c. Laying Wreaths
50c. Playing the 'Last Post'
50c. War Veteran & Young Boy
50c. Australians at Gallipoli
Queen's Birthday
  50c. Parliament House (2006)
$2. Order of Australia
150th Anniversary of First Hot Air Balloon Flight in Australia
  50c. Above Sydney, NSW
50c. Above Mt. Feathertop, Vic.
50c. Above MacDonnell Rangers, NT
50c. Above Canberra, ACT
Working Dogs
  50c. German Shepherd
50c. Australian Cattle Dog
50c. Beagle
50c. Border Collie
50c. Labrador
Olympic Games, Beijing
  50c. Chinese Dragon
Living Green
  50c. Save Water
50c. Reduce Waste
50c. Travel Smart
50c. Save Energy
Centenary of the Quarantine Act
  50c. Quarantine Detector Dog & Handler
World Youth Day 2
  50c. Flags at Opening Mass
50c. Pope Benedict XVI
50c. Stations of the Cross
50c. Start of Pilgrimage
50c. Final Mass
150th Anniversary of Australian Football
  50c. Football Game, Melbourne (1866)
Olympic Games, Beijing
  50c. Basket Ball
$1·30. Cycling
$1·35. Gymnastics
  50c. Bristol Tourer
50c. Empire Flying Boat
50c. Lockheed Super Constellation
$2 Airbus A380
Australian Gold Medal Winners, Olympic Games, Beijing
  Stamps are printed in Sheetlets of 10
50c. Stephanie Rice
50c. Lisbeth Trickett
50c. Leisel Jones
50c. Stephanie Rice
50c. Women's Freestyle Relay Team
50c. Drew Ginn & Duncan Free
50c. David Crawshay & Scott Brennan
50c. Women's Medley Relay Team
50c. Emma Snowsill
50c. Malcolm Page & Nathan Wilmott
50c. Tessa Parkinson & Elise Rechichi
50c. Ken Wallace
50c. Steven Hooker
50c. Mathew Mitcham
Tourist Precincts
  55c. Luna Park, Melbourne
55c. South Bank, Brisbane
55c. The Rocks, Sydney
55c. Fisherman's Wharf, Fremantle
$1·10. Foreshore, Cairns
$1·65. Salamanca Place, Hobart
$2·75. Glenelg, Adelaide
International Post: Waterfalls of Australia
  $1·40. Russel Falls, Tas.
$2·05. Jim Jim Falls, NT
$2·80. Hamersley Gorge, WA
$4·10. Mackenzie Falls, Vic.
Greetings Stamps: For Every Occasion
  55c. Silver Rings
55c. Gold Rings
55c. Heart & Roses
55c. Baby Feet
55c. Balloons
55c. Bird over Beach
55c. Stylised Landscape
55c. Sparklers
55c. Australia & Antarctica on Globe
$1.10 Wedding Dress Embroidery
Stamp Collecting Month: Megafauna of Australia
  55c. Genyornis
55c. Diprotodon
55c. Thylacoleo
55c. Thylacine
$1·10. Megalania
$1·10. Procoptodon
Paralympian of the Year
  55c. Matthew Cowdrey
  50c. Baubles
50c. Virgin Mary & Baby Jesus
55c. Angel
$1.20 Wise Man
Favourite Australian Films
  55c. 'The Adventures of Priscilla'
55c. 'The Castle'
55c. 'Muriel's Wedding'
55c. 'Lantana'
55c. 'Gallipoli'

Stamps consecutively numbered on a year by year basis
 Australian Legends 13: Legends of the Screen
55c. Nicole Kidman
55c. Russell Crow
55c. Geoffrey Rush
55c. Cate Blanchett
55c. 'Moulin Rouge' (2001)
55c. 'Gladiator' (2000)
55c. 'Shine' (1996)
55c. 'Elizabeth' (2007)
Greetings Stamps: With Love
  55c. Red Roses
55c. Heart Flowers
55c. Filigree Heart
Inventive Australia
  55c. Esky & Wine Cask
55c. Hills Hoist
55c. Speedos & Zinc Cream
55c. Ute & B&D Roll-a-Door
55c. Victa Lawnmower
Earth Hour
  55c. 'Lights Out'
55c. 'Switch Off'
$2·05. 'Save Energy'
Bicentenary of Postal Services in Australia 1
  55c. Postmaster collecting Sea Mail
55c. Early Post Office
55c. Early Posting Box
55c. Letters from Home
55c. Early Air Mail
55c. Home Delivery
55c. Post-War Immigration
55c. Retail PostShop
55c. Express Post
55c. Australia Post Lorry
Indigenous Culture
  55c. Mamu
55c. All the Jila
55c. Mina Mina
$1·40. Untitled
$2·05. Natjula
Queen's Birthday

  55c. Riding Side Saddle
$2·05. Riding in Carriage
Not Just Desserts
  55c. Pavlova
55c. Peach Melba
55c. Lamingtons
55c. ANZAC Biscuits
Endangered Species: Dolphins of the Australian Coastline
  55c. Spotted Bottlenose Dolphin
$1·35. Hourglass Dolphin
$1·40. Southern Right Whale Dolphin
$2·05. Dusky Dolphin
150th Anniversary of Queensland
  55c. Parliament House
$2·75. Great Barrier Reef
Bicentenary of Postal Services in Australia 2
  55c. '£2 Kangaroo & Map' (1913)
55c. '5s. Sydney Harbour Bridge' (1932)
55c. '2½d. Peace' (1946)
55c. '8½d. Aboriginal' (1950)
55c. '6d. Kookaburra' (1914)
International Post: Australian Bush Babies
  $1·45. Koala
$2·10. Eastern Grey Kangaroo
$2·90. Brushtail Possum
$4·20. Common Wombat
Australian Parks & Gardens
  55c. Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne
55c. Roma Street Parkland, Brisbane
55c. St. David's Park, Hobart
55c. Commonwealth Park, Canberra
55c. Hyde Park, Sydney
Micro Monsters
  55c. Hatchet Wasp
55c. Praying Mantis
55c. Ground Beetle
55c. Jumping Spider
55c. Ant
$1·10. Weevil
Species at Risk: Joint Territories
  55c. Bridled Nailtail Wallaby
55c. Norfolk Island Green Parrot
55c. Subantarctic Fur Seal
55c. Christmas Island Blue-Tailed Skink
55c. Green Turtle
Corrugated Landscapes
  55c. Water Tank
55c. Traditional House
55c. Converted Nissen Hut
55c. Magney House, NSW
International Year of Astronomy: The Southern Skies
  55c. Sombrero Galaxy M104
$1·45. Reflection Nebula M78
$2·10. Spiral Galaxy M83
Australian Songbirds
  55c. Green Catbird
$1·10. Noisy Scrub-Bird
$1·65. Mangrove Golden Whistler
$2·75. Scarlet Honeyeater
Classic Toys
  55c. Cyclops Pedal Car
55c. Test Match Board Game
55c. Barbie
55c. Malvern Star Dragstar
55c. Cabbage Patch Kids
Stamp Collecting Month: 'Lets Get Active'
  55c. Australian Rules
55c. Basket Ball
55c. Soccer
55c. Netball
55c. Cricket
55c. Tennis
Bicentenary of Postal Services in Australia 3
  55c. Staff
55c. Counter Staff
55c. Express Post
55c. Shelving
55c. Motorcycle
55c. Sorting Centre
55c. Contractors Van
55c. Staff
55c. Counter Staff
55c. Outdoor Staff
  55c. Candles
55c. Christmas Tree
55c. Wrapped Gifts
55c. Baubles
55c. Candy Canes
50c. Virgin Mary & Baby Jesus
$1·25. The Magi

Stamps consecutively numbered on a year by year basis
Australian Legends 14: Legends of the Written Word
55c. Peter Carey 1
55c. Peter Carey 2
55c. David Malouf 1
55c. David Malouf 1
55c. Colleen McCullough 1
55c. Colleen McCullough 2
55c. Bryce Courtenay 1
55c. Bryce Courtenay 2
55c. Thomas Keneally 1
55c. Thomas Keneally 2
55c. Tim Winton 1
55c. Tim Winton 2
Bicentenary of the Arrival of Governor Macquarie in NSW
  55c. Governor Macquarie
55c. Port Jackson & Sydney Town
55c. Parramatta Female Penitentiary
55c. Government Stables, Sydney
First Australian Commonwealth Coins
  55c. Coat of Arms on Florin Reverse
$2·75. King Edward VII on Florin Obverse
Australian Gold Medallists at Winter Olympic Games, Vancouver
  55c. Torah Bright - Halfpipe
55c. Lydia Lassila - Aerials
Centenary of Powered Flight
  55c. Colin Defries' Flight
$1.45 John Duigan's Flight
$2·10. Harry Houdini's Flight
Come to the Show
  55c. Prize Bull
55c. Cake Decorating
55c. Winning Show Horse
55c. Wood Chopping
55c. Prizewinning Dog
Queens Birthday 2010
  55c. Queen Elizabeth II
  55c. On the Trail
55c. PNG Men helping the Wounded
55c. Veterans
55c. Trekker, Guide, & Memorial
$1·45. Veterans at Kokoda Memorial
Great Australian Railway Journeys
  55c. 'The Ghan'
55c. West Coast Wilderness Railway, Tas.
55c. 'The Indian Pacific'
$2·10. Kuranda Scenic Railway, Qld.
Colonial Heritage: Empire
  $5. Queen Victoria
World EXPO 2010, Shanghai, China
  55c. Australian Mascot
55c. Australian Pavilion
Australian UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  55c. Purnululu National Park
55c. Kakadu National Park
$1·10. Gondwana Rainforests
$1·10. Tasmanian Wilderness
Reef Fish
  5c. Coral Rabbitfish
60c. Clown Triggerfish
60c. Spotted Sweetlips
60c. Golden Damselfish
60c. Regal Angelfish
$1·20. Saddle Butterflyfish
$1·80. Chevron Butterflyfish
$3. Orange-Fin Anemonefish
International Post: Australian Beaches
  $1·50. Bay of Fires, Tas.
$2·20. Cape Tribulation, Qld.
$4·30. Hellfire Bay, WA
Adopted & Adored Dogs
  60c. 'Piper'
60c. 'Jessie'
60c. 'Buckley'
60c. 'Daisy'
60c. 'Tigger'
Emergency Services
  60c. Triple 'O' - 000
60c. Police
60c. Fire
60c. Ambulance
Greetings Stamps: Special Occasions
  60c. Southern Cross (Blue)
60c. Southern Cross (Orange & Violet)
60c. Gold & White Design
60c. Champagne
60c. Pink Tulips
60c. Cream Roses
60c. Balloons
60c. Teddy Bear
60c. Wattle Flowers
$1·20. White Gold Rings
Centenary of Australian Taxation Office
  60c. Working For All
150th Anniversary of Departure of Burke & Wills Expedition
  60c. Robert Burke & William Wills
60c. Leaving Melbourne (1860)
$1·20. Cooper's Creek (1861)
$1·20. Journey to Mount Hopeless
Centenary of Girl Guides Australia
  60c. Guide
$1·50. Making Guide Sign
$2·20. Olave Baden-Powell (Founder)
National Service Memorial, Canberra
  60c. The Memorial
Through the Years: Long Weekends
  60c. At the Beach (1950s)
60c. Camping (1960s)
60c. Surfing (1970s)
60c. House-Boating (1980s)
60c. In the Snow (1990s)
Wildlife Caring: Rescue to Release
  60c. Common Wombat
60c. Eastern Grey Kangaroo
60c. Koala
60c. Grey-Headed Flying Fox
60c. Southern Boobook Owl
$1·20. Ringtail Possum
Canonisation of Mary MacKillop
  60c. Mary MacKillop
Australian Kingfishers
  60c. Red-Backed Kingfisher
$1·20. Sacred Kingfisher
$1·80. Blue-Winged Kookaburra
$3. Yellow-Billed Kingfisher
150th Anniversary Melbourne Cup Horse Race
  60c. Melbourne Cup (2010)
60c. Carbine (1890)
60c. Phar Lap (1930)
60c. Saintly (1996)

  55c. Letter to Santa
55c. Santa Reading Letter
55c. Madonna & Child
$1·30. Angel & Shepherds

Greetings Stamps: Special Occasions 'Love'
  60c. Red Roses
60c. Hearts & Flowers
Australian Legends 15: Advancing Equality
  60c. Eva Cox
60c. Germaine Greer
60c. Elizabeth Evatt
60c. Anne Summers
Premier's Flood Relief Appeal
  60c. Rescuer
60c. Flooded House
60c. Cat Rescue
60c. Wallaby in Floodwater
60c. Aerial View of Flood
Centenary of International Women's Day
  60c. Women's Eyes
Royal Australian Air Force Aviation
  60c. F-111
60c. F/A-18F
$1·20. Wedgetail
$3. C-17 Globemaster III
Floral Festivals Australia
  60c. Gerbera
60c. Jacaranda
60c. Australian Everlasting
60c. Violet
60c. Tulip
The Gallery Series: National Gallery of Victoria
  60c. "A Bunch of Flowers"
60c. "Camellias"
60c. "Fruit & Flowers"
60c. "Still Life, Zinnias"
60c. "A Cottage Bunch"
Lake Eyre
  60c. The Dry
$1·55. New Growth
$2·25. Birdlife
$3·20. Flood
Queen's 85th Birthday
  60c. Queen Elizabeth II (1984)
$2·25. Queen Elizabeth II (2005)
Royal Wedding
 5 April 2011
  60c. William & Catherine
$2·25. William & Catherine
Royal Wedding
 4 May 2011
  60c. The Married Couple
150th Anniversary of the Birth of Dame Nellie Melba
  60c. "Madame Melba"
Farming Australia: Native Plants
  60c. Eucalyptus Oil
60c. Australian Honey
60c. Macadamia Nuts
60c. Tea Tree Oil
Centenary of Royal Australian Navy
  60c. HMAS Australia (I)
60c. HMAS Sydney (IV)
Australian Bush Babies
  60c. Bilby
$1·60. Dingo Pup
$1·65. Kangaroo Joey
$2·35. Koala
$4·70. Sugar Glider
Living Australian 1
  60c. "Best Friends"
60c. "Embrace Friendship"
60c. "Cricket at the GABBA"
60c. "Little Man's Business"
60c. "This is so Relaxing"
50th Anniversary of Amnesty International
60c. Hand enclosing Logo
Skiing Australia
  60c. Learning to Ski
$1·60. Snowboarder
$1·65. Skier
Colonial Heritage: Emerging Identity
  $2. Kangaroo
$2. Black Swan
50th Anniversary of Worldwide Fund for Nature
  60c. Quokka
60c. Southern Elephant Seal
60c. Dugong
60c. Christmas Island Shrew
Golf Australia
  60c. Golf Shoes
60c. Golf Club in Hand
60c. The President's Cup
$1·65. Golf Club & Ball
$2·35. Golf Clubs
Stamp Collecting Month: Mythical Creatures
  60c. Fairy
60c. Troll
60c. Mermaid
60c. Griffin
60c. Unicorn
$1·20. Dragon
Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, Perth 2011
  60c. Perth Skyline
Australia & Korea Year of Friendship
  60c. The Haegeum
$1·65. The Didgeridoo
 31 October 2011
  55c. Christmas Tree
55c. Wrapped Present
60c. Decorations
55c. Mary & Baby Jesus
$1·50. Wise Men
Remembrance Day
 2 November 2011
  60c. Poppy & Bugler
$1·20. Poppies & Soldiers
50th Anniversary of ANZUS Treaty
 18 November 2011
  60c. Commanders Meeting

Greeting Stamps: Precious Moments
 17 January 2012
  60c. Cupcake
60c. Teddy Bear
60c. Balloons
60c. "Love" & Hearts
60c. Love Birds
Australian Legends 16: Footballers
  60c. Ron Barassi
60c. Gary Ablett
60c. John Raper
60c. Billy Slater
60c. David Campese
60c. David Pocock
60c. Joe Marston
60c. Mark Schwarzer
Technology: Then & Now
  60c. Phones
60c. Refrigeration
60c. Television
60c. Music Players
60c. Maps
City Transport
  60c. O-Bahn Bus
60c. "Charlotte" Ferry
60c. Train
60c. W-Class Tram
60c. Double-Decker Train
Australian Waterbirds: Ducks
  60c. Radjah Shelduck
60c. Pink-Eared Duck
$1·65. Australian Shelduck
$2·35. Plumed Whistling Duck
Farming Australia 2
  10c. Dairy Cattle
20c. Pineapples
60c. Beef Cattle
60c. Oranges
60c. Sugar Cane
60c. Wool
$1. Wine
$3. Sunflowers
$5. Apples
Centenary of Compulsory Enrolment to Vote
  60c. "Enrol to Vote"
Queen's Diamond Jubilee
  60c. Photograph c1952
$2·35. Photograph c2012
Medical Doctors
  60c. Prof. Chris O'Brien
60c. Prof. Fred Hollows
60c. Victor Chang
60c. Dame Kate Campbell
60c. Jane Stocks Greig
Rising Sun Badge
  60c. 1902-1904
60c. 1904-1949
60c. 1954-1969
60c. 1969-1991
60c. 1991 on
Underwater World: Nudibranchs
  60c. Colourful Sea Slug
60c. Sea Slug
60c. Red-Lined Flabellina
$1·20. Ocellate Phyllidia
$1·20. Thorunna Florens
$1·80. Purple-Lined Nembrotha
Olympic Games, London 1
  60c. Double-Decker Bus
Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre
  60c. Emblem
Colonial Heritage: Visualising Australia 3
  $2. Sydney View
$2. Hobart
Inland Explorers
  60c. Blue Mountain Pioneers
60c. Blaxland, Lawson, & Wentworth
$1·20. John Stuart
$1·20. Planting the Flag
Olympic Games, London 2
  60c. Swimming
$1·60. Pole Vault
$2·35. Rowing
Living Australian 2
  60c. Children on the Beach
60c. Merino Sheep
60c. Rural Letter Boxes
60c. Seagull
60c. Rural Service Station
Australian Gold Medal Winning Events, Olympic Games, London
  60c. Swimming
60c. Sailing
60c. Hurdles
60c. Cycling
60c. Sailing
60c. Kayak
60c. Sailing
Australian Nobel Prize Winners
  60c. Sir Frank Burnet
60c. Sir John Eccles
60c. Patrick White
60c. Sir Howard Florey
60c. William Bragg
Road Trip Australia
  60c. Port Arthur
60c. Coast Road
60c. Margaret River
$1·65. Phillip Island
$2·35. Alice Springs
International Stamps: Wilderness Australia
  $1·65. Nullarbor Plain
$2·35. Daintree National Park
$4·50. Cradle Mountain
Stamp Collecting Month: Australian Zoos
  60c. Perth Zoo
60c. Melbourne Zoo
60c. Healesville Sanctuary, Vic
60c. Adelaide Zoo
60c. Taronga Zoo, Sydney
60c. Australia Zoo, Qld.
60c. Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo
50 Years Bathurst Endurance Car Racing
  60c. Peter Brock's Torana
60c. Mt. Panorama Track
60c. Will Davidson's Ford
60c. Russell Ingall's Holden
Sporting Legends: Susie O'Neil
Issued 12: October 2012
  60c. Susie O'Neil
60c. Susie in Action
50th Anniversary of Australian Ballet
 16 October 2012
  60c. Ballet Dancer
60c. Dancers
Christmas 2012
 1 November 2012
  55c. Madonna & Christ Child
$1.60 Adoration of the Magi
55c. Reindeer
55c. Wrapped Presents
60c. Bells & Holly
Lawn Bowls
 1 November 2012
  60c. Women's Lawn Bowls
$1·20. Men's Lawn Bowls
Paralympian of the Year
  9 November 2012
  60c. Jacqueline Freney

Stamps consecutively numbered on a year by year basis
Australian Legends 17: Legions of Music
  60c. Paul Kelly
60c. INXS
60c. Kylie Minogue
60c. Ian "Molly" Meldrum
60c. Oliva Newton-John
60c. John Farnham
60c. AC/DC
60c. Cold Chisel
60c. Men at Work
60c. The Seekers
Greetings Stamps: Special Occasions
  60c. Outline of Australia I
60c. Outline of Australia II
60c. Eucalyptus Leaves
60c. Rose Petal
60c. Green Orchid
$1.20 Wedding Gift
50th Anniversary of Surfing Australia
  60c. Women Surfboard Riders
60c. Surfer Poster
60c. Surfer's Van
60c. Surfer on Wave
Top Dogs
  60c. Miniature Schnauzer
60c. Miniature Dachshund
60c. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
60c. Pug
60c. Australian Terrier
Centenary of Canberra
  60c.    National Portrait Gallery
$2.35 Parliament House
The Gallery Series: The National Gallery of Australia
  60c. Dandenong Ranges
60c. Flinders Ranges
60c. The Grampians
60c. Derwent River
60c. Studley Park
International Post: Australian Bush Babies 2
  $1.70 Kookaburra
$1.75 Wombat Joey
$2.60 Echidna
$4.65 Platypus
$6.45 Brush-Tailed Possum
60th Anniversary of the Queen's Coronation
  60c. Gold State Coach
$2.60 Portrait
Australian Botanic Gardens 2
  60c. Darwin Botanic Gardens, NT
60c. Royal Botanic Gardens, Vic
60c. Royal Tasmanian Gardens
60c. Australian National Botanic, ACT
60c. Botanic Gardens, Mount Tomah, NSW
First Commonwealth Stamp
  $10. Kangaroo and Map
Joint Issue with Israel: Battle of Beersheba
  60c.     Australian Light Horseman Statue
$2·60. Re-enactment of the Battle
Black Caviar
  60c. Black Caviar
First Commonwealth Bank Notes
  60c.     Numbering Ceremony (1913)
$2·60. Coat of Arms
Australian Pardalotes
  60c.     Forty-Spotted Pardalote
$1·20. Spotted Pardalote
$1·80. Red-Browed Pardalote
$3.       Striated Pardalote
Historic Architectures - Government Houses
  60c. South Australia
60c. West Australia
60c. New South Wales
60c. Tasmania
Road Trip Australia 2
  60c. Tram & Pier, Melbourne
60c. Sydney Harbour Views
60c. Carnival, Adelaide
60c. Canberra
60c. Fairground, Gold Coast
Indigenous Leaders
  60c. Shirley Smith
60c. Neville Bonner
60c. Oodgeroo Noonuccal
60c. Eddie "Koiki" Mabo
60c. Charles Perkins
Birth of Prince George of Cambridge
  60c. Duke & Duchess of Cambridge
Headline News
  60c. WWII Peace
60c. Moon Landing
60c. Cyclone Tracy
60c. Americas Cup
Carnivorous Plants
  60c. Pitcher Plant
60c. Folding Fly Catcher
60c. Dwarf Pitcher Plant
60c. Pygmy Drosera
Australia's Coral Reefs
  60c.     Ningaloo Reef
60c.     Great Barrier Reef
$1·20. Ningaloo Reef from Above
$1·20. Great Barrier Reef from Above
Australian Poultry Breeds
  60c. Australian Pit Game
60c. Australorp
60c. Australian Game
Australia's Age of Dinosaurs
  60c. Koolasuchus
60c. Qantassaurus
60c. Diamantinasaurus
60c. Australovenator
60c. Timimus
60c. Serendipaceratops
Historic Railway Stations
  60c. Maryborough, Vic
60c. Quorn, SA
60c. Hay, NSW
60c. Normanton, Qld
Birth Bicentenary of Ludwig Leichhardt
  60c. Ludwig Leichhardt
Bicentenary of Holey Dollar and Dump
  60c. Holey Dollar & Dumps
$3.   Holey Dollar
  55c.     Christmas Tree
55c.     Wrapped Gift
60c.     Candle
$1·70. Bell
55c.     Mary & Baby Jesus
$2·55.  Shepherds & Star

Stamps consecutively numbered on a year by year basis
Royal Christening
  60c. Christening Portrait
$2.60 Christening Portrait
Native Orchids
  60c. Golden Rock Orchid
60c. Bee Orchid
60c. Orange Blossom Orchid
60c. Shirt Orchid
Australian Legends 18: Cooking

  60c. Margaret Fulton
60c. Maggie Beer
60c. Stephanie Alexander
60c. Neil Perry
60c. Kylie Wong
The Urn Returns
  60c. "The Urn Returns" Emblem
$2·60 Victorious Australian Cricket Team
Greetings Stamps: Romance
  60c. Pattern of Hearts
60c. Pink Rose
Floral Emblems
  70c.     Tasmanian Blue Gum (Tas)
70c.     Waratah (NSW)
70c.     Golden Wattle (Australia)
70c.     Common Heath (Vic)
$1·40. Cooktown Orchid (Qld)
$2·10. Kangaroo Paw (WA)
$3·50. Stuart's Desert Pea (SA)
Concession Post Stamps
  Map of Australia in Sand
Kangaroo on Beach at Sunset
Queen's Birthday 2014
  70c. On Diamond Jubilee Tour
$2.60 At Royal Ascot
Greetings Stamps: Special Occasions
  70c.     Balloons
70c.     Baby Mobile
70c.     Fireworks
70c.     Map of Australia (I)
70c.     Map of Australia (II)
70c.     Red Rose
70c.     Heart-Shaped Flowers
70c.     Champagne Glasses
70c.     Silver Wedding Rings
$1·40. Gold Wedding Rings
Centenary of World War One 1
  70c. War Declared
70c. Australian in Action
70c. Troops Depart
70c. Training Mena Camp
70c. Our Boys
Centenary of the Australian Red Cross
  70c. Poster
Bush Ballads
  70c. Clancy of the Overflow
70c. The Man from Snowy River
70c. Waltzing Matilda
70c. Mulga Bill's Bicycle
G20 Leaders Summit, Brisbane, Queensland
  70c. Brisbane in Globe
Centenary of King George V Stamps
  70c. Rosine
70c. Deep Claret
70c. Reddish Violet
70c. Deep Green
Centenary of First Air Mail
  70c. Leaving Melbourne
$2.60 Flight to Sydney
Royal Visit
  70c. At Sydney Harbour
$2.60 At Taronga Zoo
Equestrian Events
  70c. Dressage
70c. Cross-Country
70c. Showjumping
70c. Polocrosse
70c. Pony Club
Australia & Norfolk Island Joint Issue
  70c. Cottesloe Beach, WA
$1.40 Old Military Barracks, NI
Centenary of Military Aviation & Submarines
  70c. E-Class Submarine AE2
70c. Bristol Biplane CFS-3
Nostalgic Advertising: Posters
  70c. Phillip Island
70c. Harper's Flower
70c. TAA Airlines
70c. Jacko Shoe Polish
70c. Swallow & Ariell's Biscuits
Southern Lights
  70c. Over Goat's Bluff
70c. At Browns River, Kingston Beach
$1.40 Over Goat's Bluff
$1.40 Over Goat's Bluff
Open Gardens Australia
  70c. Walcott Garden, ACT
70c. Wychwood, Tas
70c. Cruden Farm, Vic
70c. Mendel Garden, WA
70c. Niwajiri, SA
Things that Sting
  70c. Wasp
70c. Lion Fish
70c. Bull Ant
70c. Tiger Snake
70c. Stonefish
70c. Stingray
International Post: Wilderness Australia
  $2.75 Victoria Alpine
$5.35 Blue Mountains, NSW
$7.40 Judbarra/Gregory, NT
Australian Racecourses
  70c. Eagle farm, Qld
70c. Royal Randwick, NSW
70c. Morphettville, SA
70c. Flemington, Vic
A Century of Service: The Australian Defence Force
  70c. The Royal Australian Navy
70c. The Australian Army
70c. The Royal Australian Air Force
70c. The Australian Defence Force
  65c. Christmas Tree
65c. Wrapped Present
70c. Dove
$1.70 Dove

65c. The Adoration
$2.55 Mary & Jesus